If Charles Dickens were to wake up today, he will refer to the period we are now, as the best of times and simultaneously the worst of times. The worst of times because we are experiencing coronavirus pandemic which has changed the entre face of the earth and brought about an economic mess that the world has never witnessed before. The period is also the best of times because it behoves it on all of us to look for a solution, a solution that if found, will never enable us to witness the economic strangulation that this coronavirus of a thing, would  have led us to in the nearest future.

A new election is around the corner in our country Nigeria. What is happening now will demand our putting in place a highly intelligent man that will not allow us to experience the economic woes that coronavirus pandemic is set to impose on the whole world. Right now, the price per barrel of our most important economic resource and our singular foreign exchange earner-oil- has nosedived from  $48 during the time of former President Ebele Jonathan to about $10 or less  today. The man to be put in office in 2023 as our President must be a man that has the ability, the economic and political wizardry to remove us from this doldrums to a new economic landscape of prosperity. A man who will have the capacity to diversify our economy and remove or obliterate our total dependence on oil to some other commodities, a thorough bred politician who will consider the interest of the masses that is, those who voted him into office in all the decisions he is making.

Since the ruling party, the APC believes in zoning system in its political appointment, it is apposite to predict that the party’s presidential candidate in the next election year [ 2023 ], will come from the South. The President before the present one is from South-South, this therefore means that the contest will be between the South-East and South-West. We also know that Politics is a game of numbers. If this is true, the next Presidential candidate of the party must come from South-West because APC has more supporters from the South-West than from the South-East.

          A look at all the political juggernauts from the South-West in APC points to Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu as the only person from the South-West that has all the qualities enumerated in paragraph two. It was when Ahmed Tinubu became the Governor of Lagos State that the State stopped relying totally on Federal Government Allocation in terms of revenue. There were twenty [20] Local Governments in the state. To these were added thirty eight [38] Local Government Development Authorities. Because of this, the Obasanjo administration at the centre stopped giving Federal Government Allocation to Local Governments in Lagos State and yet all the Local Governments plus the newly created Local Government Development Authorities in Lagos State continued to survive. How many Governors in Nigeria will be able to do this without crashing before the expiration of his tenure?

Former Governor Tinubu also demonstrated his being a thorough bred politician with the interest of the masses at heart when he dualised many Lagos Roads with the minimum destruction to the properties of individuals on such roads. Such roads included the Ojuelegba to Lawanson Road, Abule-Egba to Ile-Iwe Road and many other Roads like that in Lagos. This cannot be compared to what his successors did that brought maximum destruction to many properties on the roads that were rehabilitated or dualised by them.

Recently, the  Jagaban of Borgu, Ahmed Tinubu spoke on behalf of the masses when he suggested that the palliative measures to be carried  out to cushion the effect of the then ‘‘Stay  at Home’’  order of the Federal Government should be done through the ‘BVN’ of Nigerians. Many highly placed Nigerians who are only after their own selfish interest found this difficult to say during the same period, with the result that many Nigerians who were complaining of hunger found it difficult to obey the ‘‘stay at home’’ order.

In the history of Nigeria since Independence, there is no time that change of Government from one political party to another have been effected without political upheaval, burning of houses and other pandemonium until the 2015 election when the ruling PDP was replaced by APC in a peaceful election due to the effort, brilliance and political sagacity of former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu. With all the above and many more that this man had achieved,  there is no other thing we need to show that Tinubu is the man we require to pilot the affairs of our nation to the promised land come year 2023. May the Lord Almighty continue to preserve his life till then and many, many, years beyond in Jesus Name [amen].

The only negative thing about Tinubu that people always point to is what they called his acquisitive tendency. This writer does not know about this, but the only thing is that whether or not this is true, what this writer has to say is that no human being is perfect, and this does not prevent us from using his God given brilliance for the betterment of our country. All hands should therefore be on deck to ensure that all concerned cast their vote for former Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu come 2023 at both the primary and general elections of that year. May the Lord continue to preserve our lives. My brothers and sisters, I thank you for reading  this piece. Please do not fail to drop your comments below .God bless you.

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